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EON Global is a major player in Non-Destructive Testing setting standards. developing technology and delivering the highest quality service to the industry. At the forefront of the development of new techniques and customized solutions. EON Global has pioneered the use of a large array of non-destructive investigation methods. including of.

EON Global delivers technical assurance by reducing risk and non-productive time through the provision of sample examination. which gives a complete picture of the assets condition.

Those key details allow you to make informed asset management decisions in order to improve safety and maximize production efficiency at worksites. factories and producing assets such as oil rigs and FPSOs.

EON Global focuses on conventional and specialized Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) coupled with efficient management and cost-effective implementations. We provide a complete integrated service to a variety of industries and Clients.

A method in which a high frequency sound wave is sent through the part and changes in signal amplitude are observed. Typically the signal changes as the density of the part changes.

EON Global penetrant testing uses liquid (dye) as an NDT technique to identify surface defects in assets and equipment. Identifying surface cracks in castings, facings and welds that are not visible to the human eye often these cracks remain undetected, they can potentially lead to major integrity problems and loss of production.

Our solution

EON Global Penetrant testing can be used in almost any situation with any material to detect surface defects. Penetrant dye liquid is applied to materials after cleaning in order to clearly highlight defects.


EON Global Penetrant testing can be applied to any size or shape of asset or equipment in almost any location. With a ‘penetrant street’ , large quantities of small objects can be tested simultaneously, with no loss of accuracy while achieving significant time and cost savings.

A non-destructive test method of inspecting areas on or near surface discontinuities for ferromagnetic materials. The metal is magnetized, and then iron powder is applied. The powder adheres to lines of flux leakage, revealing surface and near surface discontinuities.

Is a common method of quality control, data acquisition and data analysis. Visual Inspection is used in maintenance of facilities, mean inspection of equipment and structures using either or all raw human senses such as vision, hearing, touch and smell and/or any non-specialised inspection equipment.

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