Field Joint Coating

EON Global provides advanced field joint coating systems and services to the offshore and onshore pipeline contractors and IOC’s.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of Coating, Insulation and Corrosion Protection Systems and understands the needs of the industry and it’s positioned to provide innovative equipment and technology solutions that are required to meet the demands of today’s challenging environment.

We also integrate the latest technologies to optimize performance on-site in terms of cycle time and quality whilst always respecting the environmental requirements. Our purpose-built coating systems and equipment are prepared, installed and operated by our highly skilled and experienced technicians and engineers.

EON Global offers a complete range of anti-corrosion protection and thermal insulation coatings, we apply most of the field joint coating systems in the field, by mobilizing specialized equipment and experienced operators to various onshore locations, spool-bases, fabrication yards, other permanent and temporary project sites, or offshore on pipe-laying vessels.

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